First Ever Look At The Grand Tour’s Impressive New Mobile Studio


As the reboot of Top Gear just about survives another flush, Amazon have revealed their first ever glimpse of The Grand Tour.

Photos have emerged showing the former Top Gear trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May sitting in an incredibly plush tent in Johannesburg while recording their first studio scenes for the new show, reports The Mirror.

It seems like Clarkson was pretty pleased with the filming, taking to Twitter to say ‘I loved today’ along with a few pictures of his surroundings.

And judging from the pics, they’re spending every last penny of the whopping £4.5 million per show budget while Clarkson himself reportedly has a deal worth £10 million a year.

The new series is due to hit screens this autumn and for the first time ever, the studio audience will travel each week to watch the programme get recorded on location in a giant tent.

And it seems like people across the world are getting excited for the return of the trio. Last week they were mobbed by fans in Italy.

Clarkson, who was driving an orange Aston Martin in Vicenza’s main square, even managed to get in a quick Top Gear chat during the stop off.

I’m really not the biggest Clarkson fan but I have to admit, even I’m getting pretty hyped about The Grand Tour…