This Is The Most Heartbreaking Jeremy Kyle Story Ever

ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show

The DNA results on Jeremy Kyle can be cringeworthy at best, but the show’s latest revelation was a heartbreaking one.

A man named Valentine recently brought his dad, Oscar, onto the ITV show after being told by his mum the man who had brought him up for the last 32 years may not actually be his dad.

Oscar, who ‘brought him to England from Nigeria and put him through school,’ has raised Valentine since he was a boy.

To find out if they are truly father and son, a DNA test was performed – and the results were heartbreaking.

To the shock of everyone, the DNA test revealed that the man Valentine believed to be his dad for 32 years is not his biological father.

On finding out the news, Oscar let out a heartbreaking wail.

The harrowing moment was lightened by Jeremy, who said: “Being a dad isn’t about being blood-related. It takes a man to look after a kid.”

A traumatic result, but as the show pointed out, it takes more than blood to be a father.