This Is The Only Drinking Game You Need To Be Playing This Premier League Season

by : UNILAD on : 08 Aug 2015 09:54


The Premier League season is just around the corner and with only one day to go before the opening game of the season, fans up and down the country can barley contain their excitement and are preparing to pack out pubs for the opening game when Manchester United take on Tottenham Hotspur come Saturday lunchtime.


Football and a couple of pints seem to go hand in hand for most people, and when your team is losing, shots are the name of the game.

With that in mind, not to mention the fact that a fair few sets of supporters feel more dread than anticipation at the thought of another season with their manager and summer signings, here is a drinking game that will get you through Super Sunday, Champions League Tuesdays and Wednesdays and even Europa League Thursdays.


Drink two fingers when:


When your team scores or gets a yellow card

After Wenger and Mourinho square up again

Whenever Chris Kamara says ‘Unbelievable Jeff’

When someone says Raheem Sterling is overpriced

After Liverpool fans claim one Firmino goal means ‘it’s our year’

Drink four fingers:

When your team concedes. Unless you’re a Liverpool fan and have Kolo Toure playing at the back. That’s just unfair.


A red card also warrants four fingers of drink.

Any time Steven Gerrard is mentioned

When a talk of treachery or snakes arise when Delph, Sterling or Cech come on the screen

After officials, players and commentators get confused by the change to the offside rule

As BT remind us for the 103484353 time that they have the rights to the Champions League games

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Do a shot:

Everytime Radamel Falcao misses a chance. You will be drunk. Enter into this at your own risk

When Manchester United fans cry over Sergio Romero and the commentator says ‘He’s no David De Gea’

When Wilshere gets injured (you’re already a shot behind)

After commentators point out that Rooney and Kane’s goals are good news for England with the Euros coming up


When Jose Mourinho loses the plot at the referee



When Brendan Rodgers tells Sky Sports that his team showed ‘great character’, despite shipping four goals and failing to find the back of the net

When Diego Costa is a c*nt

If Gary Neville makes the Fernando Torres scoregasm noise

Every single time Phil Jones makes one of his facial expressions

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