This Is The Only Known Footage Of Charles Bronson Fighting


Charles Bronson Fighting

He’s proved to be pretty easy to capture over the years and has spent the majority of his life behind bars, but while that fact remains very much intact to this day, actually catching a glimpse of a Charles Bronson fighting is a very rare thing indeed.

I’m sure there are plenty of prison guards, inmates, and bare knuckle boxing match attendees that can vouch for seeing the legendary prison inmate Charles Bronson fighting in the flesh – but up until now, footage of said activity has proved extremely elusive.

The following footage Of Charles Bronson Fighting has been online for two years, and while it has over 1million views, it isn’t hailed universally as THE Charlie Bronson fighting footage – but is still the only video containing visuals of him knocking ten lumps of shit out of someone.

The 13-seconds of footage, embedded deep into a documentary put together by his friends and family, shows ‘The Most Violent Prisoner in Britain’ pummelling an unknown inferior at an unlicensed boxing match during his brief release from prison back in 1987.

Up until this point, Bronson’s illegal boxing activity has been nothing but myth, but the footage above confirms how much of a lethal marksman he truly is during a 1-on-1 swap of fists – and simultaneously makes me sympathise with any prison guard merely tasked with speaking to him on a bad day.