This Is The Party That Could Help Theresa May Get A Majority Government


I’m sure by now you all know the bizarre outcome of last night’s election. A hung parliament. No majority government. A Conservative minority win.

And while we all try to slot together the pieces of this puzzling puzzle, the most probable outcome of this election is that the Tories will form a coalition with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

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At the time of writing, negotiations are ongoing between the Conservative Party and the DUP as they try to figure out a deal that suits them both. But just who are the DUP?

The DUP are the largest unionist party in Northern Ireland, meaning their party is founded upon unionist ideals.


Unionism is predominantly a protestant ideology which believes in retaining the ‘union’ between Britain and Northern Ireland. Nationalism, the opposite, is predominantly a Catholic ideology which believes in a United Ireland.

Although you’ve definitely heard a lot in the news about Jeremy Corbyn’s links to the IRA, it’s also definitely worth mentioning the the DUP too have just as much of a link to the UDA (Ulster Defence Association) and LVF (Loyalist Volunteer Force).

Hell – just days ago, the DUP leader, Arlene Foster, defended meeting a UDA chief just 48 hours after they allegedly murdered a man in front of his three-year-old son, according to the Belfast Telegraph.


But of course Corbyn’s the guy who gets bad press for trying to aid a peace agreement in Northern Ireland – that makes sense.

Before we get carried away with tales for another time (and probably a time in the very near future), let us remind ourselves of the DUP’s policies.

Thankfully – quite a lot of them were posted onto Twitter in a thread called the DUP’s ‘Greatest Hits’.

So this is who are helping the Tories form a coalition government in the UK… What a time to be alive.