This Is The Seriously Dark Codeword For When The Queen Dies


We’re not sure why a codeword is needed for the Queen’s death, but of course, just in case, a pretty dark one has been put in place.

As part of the meticulous procedure for when a monarch dies, the codeword, which is to be told to the Prime Minister is ‘London Bridge is down’.

Apparently, if our Queen passes away during the night, the Prime Minister is to be woken up and told this phrase by civil servants.

I’d like to know why a bridge was chosen to represent the Queen…


If I had just woken up and someone told me London Bridge was down, I would definitely just think the bridge had fallen.

After the PM is told, the same message gets passed to the 36 other nations in the Commonwealth who regard the Queen as their figurehead.


In the modern day of social media thought, it won’t take long for the message to be broadcast all over the world.

When the day does come, Britain would enter a period of mourning for 12 days and news readers on TV would wear black.