This Is The Steam Achievement Only One Person Has Unlocked


I’ve not played Devil Daggers myself, but from what I gather it’s rather hard. The indie FPS has been available on Steam for about a week, and only one person has managed to unlock its single achievement: Stay alive for 500 seconds. 

It sounds easier than it actually is, as a single hit in Devil Daggers will be enough to fell you. YouTuber DraQu is currently the only person to have claimed the Steam achievement (called simply “Devil Daggers”).

You can see this Godlike feat in the video below. It starts off slow enough, and most of us would probably think we can nab the achievement ourselves. Just wait for it to get over the 400 second mark, and you’ll start to see why nobody else in the entire world has gotten the achievement yet.

According to Kotaku, the second best player at the moment has only managed around 478 seconds. Still, it won’t be long now before other gamers decide to pick up Devil Daggers and see if they can join the exclusive 500 club.