This Is What A £16,000 First Class Flight Looks Like

by : UNILAD on : 20 Sep 2016 14:54


I’ve always looked longingly as the upper classes shimmy off into the first class airport lounge while I go and decide which Boots sandwich I’ll treat myself to.

But now YouTuber and filmmaker Casey Neistat has given us a video tour of what goes on behind the automatic doors of the plush first class booths on planes.


I’ve never even had the pleasure of walking past one of them, but with automatic doors, a private mini bar, every designer toiletry you can think of, a fucking huge TV, and a shower, I think this may be the cure to my fear of flying.

I mean it’s only £21,000 for a ticket! That’s £1,500 per hour!

On the 14 hour flight from Dubai to New York, Casey dined on caviar, wore his special Emirate pyjamas, showered, and slept better than in his own bed at home.


Just look at the TV… I would want to stay on the plane forever:


I didn’t even know they could put showers on planes. Complete with Bvlgari shampoo, you book a slot into the fully kitted out bathroom and you can leave your flight feeling super fresh, as opposed to wiping the dribble from your face and stumbling off.

The crazy-haired YouTube personality, and creator of the HBO series The Neistat Brothers, insisted that he was not paid by Emirates to do this and was just bumped up from business class to first.


I feel like he didn’t get to take full advantage of that private pod though – easy access to the mile high club, after all.

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