This Is What Actually Goes Into McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets


If you’re anything like me you probably try your best not to think about what has gone into the delicious Chicken McNugget you just tucked into…

But it turns out we needn’t have been too worried about it, as a new video on the Food and Drink channel has given viewers a look inside a factory where the nuggets are made, reports The Sun.

Meat scientist (don’t ask) Amy Steward takes us through the whole process, showing the breast, rib and tenderloin meat which goes into the nuggets and explaining how the skin is removed at the start but a small portion of it is added back later for extra flavour.

In the clip you can see a line of workers carving chickens before the cuts are put through a course grinder.

After the skin is mixed back in, the nuggets are passed through a thin layer of batter then a thin layer of breader – containing flavourings like celery salt and white pepper.

Amy then explains:

The final step is the Tempura, or thicker batter, which is really unique to the nugget. It’s a blend of wheat flour, cornflour, starches and leavening agents which aerate the batter. That’s what makes the nuggets really unique.


So there you have it, we may have been expecting pink slime, beak and feet but they really do seem to be made with white chicken meat.

Not that it would’ve stopped me…