This Is What An LSD Trip Looks Like


In the past, those curious but wary of narcotics-fuelled trips would turn to Hunter S. Thompson to paint the picture of what the Class A psychedelic drug LSD was really like. 

Now, we have that scene from The Beach where Leo lost his head in the jungle and thought he was in a video game… Or of course, the internet, which we can happily live vicariously through without ever stepping foot outside our own bedrooms or experiencing anything first-hand.

This video offers one such LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) try-before-you-buy opt-out clause.

The young videographer, Austin Beuhler, has recreated an acid trip using a number of lens focuses and warping techniques, laid over a soundtrack that echoes the phrase, ‘Relax. You’re gonna die. Maybe not.’ Nailing it thus far…Or so I’ve heard.

Although the video itself is essentially a walk in the woods dotted with a few surprise encounters with inanimate objects, it is surprisingly accurate (which is either a damning condemnation of human imagination or an observation that serves to question the point of drugs altogether).

Even better; there are two parts.

Things get a little more heated and interesting in the second part of Austin’s point of view video, for which he roped in some pals to don Guy Fawkes masks and act creepy. Again, not unlike some parties I’ve attended.

While most of Gen-Y’s parents will have seen this shit for real during their youth, it is the strange but true fact of millennials that we’re destined to experience LSD through a screen, with our headphones plugged in, rather than actually go out a drop a tab and try it for ourselves.

Disclaimer: Don’t take drugs. Stay indoors.