This Is What Ellie From The Last Of Us Looks Like Grown Up


Plenty of fans have imagined how Ellie – the young star of The Last of Us – would look grown up through fan art, but nobody has ever gone into this much detail before. 


Ray Thuc Le, a 3D character artist has always been curious about how Ellie would look in a potential sequel to the Naughty Dog classic, and so he decided to gather references, analyse her face, and really work out how she’d look as an adult.

As Thuc Le notes in his detailed tutorial, the face was the most important aspect of the whole project. He used Ashley Johnson (who portrayed Ellie in the game), and Ellen Page (who many agree resembles Ellie).


After this, he took down detailed notes of Ellie’s face (below), and used a time-lapse video of a girl aging over 6.5 years to get a better understanding of how a young girl might change physically as she grows.


Next, Thuc Le got right down to it and started sculpting, modelling, rendering, and creating clothes and hair.

It’s all super technical (obviously) and if you want a seriously detailed – and very interesting – account of how it went down, I would again recommend you check out the tutorial.

All in all, I’d say the results are pretty damn impressive, and should Naughty Dog decide to go for an older Ellie for The Last of Us 2, this is a great point of reference.


Of course, my theory is that Joel and Ellie were devoured by Clickers not long after credits rolled on the first game, but it’s nice to imagine she survives into adulthood.