This Is What Getting Tased Looks Like In Super-Slow Motion



There’s quite a lot of footage around of people being hit with a taser, either by the police, or titting about at a party… But what does it look like in super slow motion?

Pretty weird, is the simple answer.

Most film is shot at 24 frames per second, but because tasers work so quickly, this was filmed at 28,500 fps in order to slow it right down.


The stuff that looks like confetti flying out is actually there because it has tracking numbers on it, so it can trace which taser was used and who used it.


This guy let himself be shot with a taser, so we can see it properly. Rather him than me.


gif 3

Despite his face… It doesn’t look like fun.


It looks a lot weirder than I realised. The confetti firing out makes it look like something from a birthday party. It’s just a shame it really, REALLY hurts.