This Is What Happens If There’s No Majority Government


It’s happened. The exit-poll has spoken with its unforgiving tongue. Conservatives were all set for a landslide majority win. But no. A wind of change is coming.

A hung parliament is the prediction. No majority government. Something that has only occured twice since 1929.

But while we’re all happy to tweet about it and rephrase other people’s words, what does it actually mean?


In the UK, if a party is able to attain 326 seats out of the 650 available they win with a majority. Anything less, which is the bookies favourite for tonight, is a minority government.

If there is a hung parliament the party with the most seats have the opportunity to form a coalition government (which, if the Conservatives win the most seats will be highly unlikely), or they can form a minority government.

Should they choose to form a minority government then they need the support of other parties in order to pass any legislature.


If there is no minority government or coalition then a fresh election will be called.

While polls for Trump and Brexit proved monumentally wrong in 2016, exit polls for general elections have been incredibly accurate throughout history.

Is a hung parliament among us in the ether of the near future? Only time will tell.