Video Shows Trump Fans Seem To Think He’s Pretty Similar To Hitler


Only a few days back, Donald Trump retweeted the words of Mussolini, because he can’t seem to tell the difference between his own hateful words and that of a fascist dictator.

So it’s probably not much of a shock that his followers can’t tell the difference either.

AP/LM Otero

U.S. YouTube channel, SoFlo, who pull pranks and create social experiments – as everyone on the internet does these days – took to the streets to find some loyal Trump supporters and read out some famous quotes.

But these weren’t quotes from The Donald, they were the words of Adolf Hitler.


Trump fan #1 said:

There’s a lot of people that should be sterilised according to Donald Trump so sure.


Trump fan #2 said:

You look at the Democratic party and they prove that. That’s why I’m voting for Trump.

But it seems she didn’t quite understand the question. After a bit of help she understood completely. Well, sort of.

She added:

He’s got the world by the balls right now. I mean, he has a lot of money, he’s very influential because of his money and what he’s done with, like, you know his empire.


Trump fan #3 said:

Yeah, I mean as soon as our economic situation starts improving, we don’t have to be worried about the immigrants anymore. They’ll go away.

Okay, mate.


Trump fan #4 said: 

Wow. Well I think that, you know, he’s going to lie in like any way probably to, like, support the country, to keep the country going. They’ll be good lies.

As long as they’re good lies…

But it’s okay, I’m sure once they were told these were quotes from a man who committed mass genocide they were absolutely disgusted with themselves, right?

Wrong. After the presenter asked if they support these quotes, one Trump fan responded: “Well if Donald Trump said them I would support them…”

Since the video was posted on Facebook yesterday it has been shared almost 500,000 times and commenters were pretty brutal.

One of them said: 

I have been saying this all along. Trump’s entire campaign is straight out of the mouth of Adolf Hitler. People in this country are so blind and ignorant. They sit and watch the media fill their heads full of lies. Everything on TV is meant to be a distraction from the truth.

While another summed it up by saying:

Dumbass trump supporters. He could say all Americans should jump in front of trains and they would support it.

Oh ‘Merica…