This Is What The Kids From Mrs Doubtfire Look Like Now


The classic film Mrs Doubtfire hit our screens more than 20 years ago – want to know what the three kids look like now?

Robin Williams left us with a legacy of hilarious quotes and incredible films, including this one, which also boosted the career of the three children that appeared in the film.

These days, you don’t really hear from them. Ever wondered what they’re up to? Probably not, but we’ll tell you anyway.

Lisa Jakub

She was the stroppy teenager, Lydia, played by Lisa Jakub when she was just 15. Well she binned off acting altogether and went to college.

Now aged 38, she’s married and runs her own blog:

At the age of 22, I realized that there must be more to life than premieres and pretending to be other people.

Matthew Lawrence

Geeky Chris was played by Matthew Lawrence, who is now 37.  He continued his acting career after Mrs Doubtfire, appearing in The Hot Chick and Boy Meets World. He has also guest-starred in TV show Melissa & Joey.

Well, hello there…

Mara Wilson

Mara Wilson was in all the films around this time, from Mrs Doubtfire to Matilda to Miracle On 34th Street. But now it seems she’s dropped off the radar and she is absolutely nowhere to be seen.

She’s grown up a lot now, obviously, and at 29 she’s barely recognisable to the child star we once knew so well.

Feel old? Yep, us too.