This Is What The Matrix Would Have Looked Like Without Special Effects


The Matrix is a cinematic classic which kick-started an innovation in special effects when it was released in 1999.

But would it have been such a seminal moment in cinema if it wasn’t for the innovative special effects? We’ll never know, but we can at least see what it would’ve looked like…

Cinefix have created a remake of a classic Matrix movie scene, but without the special effects – and it just doesn’t have the same, well…effect, reports Mashable.

As far as home-made cinema goes, the remake is actually pretty good and makes you appreciate all the work that goes into the film production.

The footage is filmed shot-for-shot using only everyday objects and zero special effects.


It’s also a reminder that special effects have gotten so realistic these days, that even The Matrix is starting to look a bit dated.

Soon we might not even need the actors… computers might take over acting jobs!