This Is What We’ll Be Eating When The Apocalypse Hits, Apparently


Ever wonder what the culinary experience will consist of when the apocalypse finally hits?

Well, it’s not looking too good if these post-apocalypse ready meals are anything to go by.


They come from the good people at the the Jim Bakker Show – “an hour-long daily broadcast that is aired throughout the United States, Canada, and the entire world.”

Apparently Jim Bakker is a ‘pioneer of Christian Television’, and he’s created these culinary delights to see us through the fast-approaching rapture we’re all about to endure. Thanks Jim!


In this video Greg Lauro, a Brooklyn-based chef, prepares several of the bag-based meals, and concludes: “I would rather just die in a ditch than eat this the rest of my life.”

Fair play Jim, you crafty dog, it’s not like anyone’s going to be able to complain about your terrible products when we’re balls deep in eternal damnation.