This Is What Your Lungs Look Like After Smoking One Pack Of Cigarettes

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A YouTuber conducted an experiment to show people the ‘real effects’ of smoking a pack of cigarettes in a day.


Whether you’re a full-time smoker or a ‘social’ smoker, you may want to watch this, because while we all know smoking is incredibly bad for our health, this highlights what happens after just one pack.

Chris Notap filled a jar with cotton wool balls and used a suction pump to suck the smoke from cigarettes which is then pulled through the jar.

Chris said:


I decided to do my own small test with cotton balls to determine the real effects of smoking a pack a day and what it does to your mouth, throat and lungs, not to mention how it compromises every system in your body in order to try to tell you to stop smoking and stop slowly killing yourself.

The effects of smoking on your body is no secret and if you don’t know by now, here is another reason why you need to quit smoking.

Chris Notap / YouTube

After the 20 cigarettes are ‘smoked’ through the make-shift lungs, the cotton balls are left a brown colour from the toxic chemicals, and the pump’s tube – which represents the ‘throat’ – is left clogged with a sticky brown tar. Gross.

At one point, Chris cuts open one of the plastic tubes used in the experiment, he then wipes his finger on the inside which is covered in a disgusting brown liquid, which he then smears onto a piece of paper.

The inside of the glass jar is also splattered with the brown liquid and it looks grim.

Chris Notap / YouTube

The video is used to highlight the dangers of smoking, which causes around 90 per cent of lung cancers.

It is also the cause of many types of cancer, including mouth, lips, throat, larynx and esophagus. Not only that, but can damage your heart and blood circulation, leading to an increased risk of coronary heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.


Chris wants people to quit smoking and wishes his viewers ‘good luck’ in doing so.

Chris Notap / YouTube

He said:

It’s never to late to quit and once you see what a pack a day does to your lungs it will give you the fuel you need to fire up the will power and quit! Good luck on your journey to quit smoking.

Remember, waiting another day could be too late.

Want help to quit smoking, call the NHS Smokefree Helpline on 0300 123 1044.

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