This Is Where WWIII Will Probably Start

by : UNILAD on : 07 Nov 2016 01:18

The fear of World War III has never been this close since the Cold War.


Just last month, the Russian government began preparations to prove to their citizens they are ready for nuclear, chemical, or biological war – and that they are expecting an attack from the West.

And David A Andelman, the editor-emeritus of World Policy Journal, says the ‘Suwalki Gap’ could be where it all starts.

The gap is a 60-mile stretch of territory in the Baltics, which links Russian Kaliningrad with Belarus – an ally of Putin. It’s feared that if Putin advances across the gap, he could ‘seal’ off the Baltic states from the West rapidly in any conflict.


Writing an opinion piece for CNN, Andelman wrote:

If Vladimir Putin takes comfort in NATO’s waffling, or doubts U.S. willingness to spring to the defense of the Baltic republics, it’s here any shootout between NATO and Russia could start. Or even World War III.

There are few more vulnerable spots along NATO’s entire perimeter than the Suwalki Gap, an about 60-mile stretch of territory and a critical rail line separating Poland from Lithuania, linking Russian Kaliningrad with Putin’s staunch ally Belarus.

1024px-usaf_c-17_airdrops_supplies_for_haiti1024px-usaf_c-17_airdrops_supplies_for_haitiWikimedia/James L. Harper Jr.

Don’t think World War III is on the cards?

Last month, Russia unveiled a new nuclear missile which it boasted could devastate an area the size of Texas. And earlier this month, 40 million Russian citizens took place in the biggest nuclear war ‘drill’ since the end of the Cold War.

But while Russia seems to be adamant in preparing for imminent world war, it doesn’t mean World War III will break out.

Here’s to hoping we all just get along…

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