This Is Who Robots Think Will Win At The Oscars

by : UNILAD on : 28 Feb 2016 10:56

With the Academy Awards ceremony rolling in to Hollywood tonight, everyone is still struggling to call who will be the big winners at the Oscars.


Will Leonardo Di Caprio finally win at the sixth time of asking? Can The Revenant do as well as it was hyped up to be? Well, apparently so, that’s according to an artificial intelligence algorithm anyway.

Unanimous AI isn’t in the habit of getting things wrong and they’ve pooled the the ever-perceptive general populace to come up with its predictions for the six major award categories.

The AI predicts The Revenant will in fact take home the top honours, with Leo finally ending his unfortunate streak with a Best Actor award. Director A.G. Iñárritu will also win for his role in the film as well, the system predicts.


Meanwhile, Brie Larson will bag the Best Actress award for her work in Room, and Kate Winslet’s role in Steve Jobs will win her Best Supporting Actress. Sylvester Stallone is also expected to walk away with an award for Creed.

So, how did they work it out? Dana Hershman of Unanimous UI explained it to Digital Trends:

The secret behind these results is the platform’s (UNU) algorithm, which makes it possible for users to leverage their natural human intuitions, emotions, and sensibilities to come to conclusions on just any topic in 30 seconds or less.

It does sounds like crowdsourcing, but it’s a bit more complex than that. The AI employs swarm intelligence methods which don’t depend on votes, polls or surveys to come to their conclusions. Instead they let an entire group ‘think together and draw conclusions based upon their combined knowledge and intuition.’ Well, many minds are better than one I guess.

To get the results, UNU asked 50 participants who have different levels of knowledge on these various award and nominees who are in the running for the coveted awards.

According to Hershman: “The results showed that these users chose just as accurately as prediction engines like Microsoft Bing and experts who have spent long hours crunching data.”


Just give it a few hours and we will see how accurate this thing really is.

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