This Is Why Hollywood Won’t Cast The Actor Who Played McLovin

by : UNILAD on : 10 Mar 2017 17:11
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There’s a good reason why we don’t see Christopher Mintz-Plasses (aka Mclovin) on the silver screen much anymore.


When he first burst on to the big screen with cult comedy classic Superbad, along with Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, big things were expected of him.

However for some reason it seems like he hasn’t hit the same heights as his co-stars, sure he killed it in the super brilliant Kick-Ass and its sequel but aside from that he’s been fairly lowkey in terms of his film roles.

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According to YouTube channel Looper, part of this is to with his career defining role as Mclovin – which isn’t even his character’s actual name, it’s Fogel. But Looper think this is the primary reason behind his lack of staring roles.


Another factor to consider is his dedication to music. It’s nothing new for musicians to dabble in both acting and music, and for Mintz-Plasse a lot of his focus seems to be dedicated to his band, Main Man.

In an interview with Sterogum he explains that:

I would love to keep balancing the two [music and acting]. I think I’m very lucky and grateful for where I am right now, that I can do both. Acting, you can work three months and not work for six months. So in that time, I love the momentum of music and everything that’s going on. The momentum right now is very musical. I kinda just go with the flow.


Also, unlike his Superbad cast members, he doesn’t really court the celebrity lifestyle, you see the likes of Seth Rogen, the Francos, Paul Rudd and the previously mentioned Hill and Cera in entertainment websites and magazine covers all the time. But for Mintz-Plasse he seems to shy away from that side.

One look at his Instagram account and it’s mostly of him taking selfies with dogs.

However despite his low profile it doesn’t mean he’s not working, his role as the antagonist in the Kick-Ass films are brilliant, he’s done voice over work in How To Train Your Dragon and he’s had strong cameos in both This Is The End and the Bad Neighbors films.


Furthermore he’s currently starring in sitcom The Great Indoors with Joe McHale and Steven Fry, although the less said about that the better…

However despite these shortcomings he is still an integral part of the current comedy rat-pack click, so don’t expect him to vanish completely  from our TV sets and movie screens.

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