This Is Why Machine Gun Magazines Are Curved


Many machine guns have a distinctive curved magazine, marking them out as a ferociously deadly weapon capable of firing more than one shot per trigger pull.

However, the ‘banana shape’ is far more than just a design quirk, with the curved magazine having numerous advantages in military situations to a straight one.


For example, the bullets used in machine guns are triangular shaped, and are thinner at the top.

If you stack a number of these bullets together then they will naturally form a curve as they fit together.

Therefore, a curved magazine will allow you to stack more rounds. Ideal for a weapon which is blasting out more far more bullets than a regular gun…


The curved shape also allows for bullets to feed more smoothly, which comes in useful in the high pressured warzone environments that such weapons are used.

You can watch a full talk about why certain magazines get their shape in the following clip:

Interesting stuff…