This Is Why You Need To Update Your iPhone Now


If like me you’ve been putting off updating your iPhone for fear of not being to use it for the three minutes it would take to install then your phone may be in danger.

The latest update from Apple fixes a glaring hole in Apple’s security that allows unscrupulous hackers to steal your passwords and personal information with a simple infected iMessage.

All a hacker has to do is message a victim an infected image which will open as soon as it arrives. Once opened the hacker uses a code which reveals passwords and lets them steal security info.

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The critical security bug apparently affects every version of iOS and macOS, except for the latest updates iOS 9.3.3 and El Capital 10.11.6 which were both released this week.

A researcher for Cisco’s security unit, Tyler Bohan, discovered the bug and shared the info with Apple so it could be fixed without letting hackers know about the security vulnerability.


If you absolutely refuse to update your phone there are work-arounds, including turning off iMessage and disabling MMS messaging so image files won’t come through texts.

So there we go, you’re going to have to go without your phone for a few minutes, that or risk your phone catching a nasty bug.