This Is Why Your Eyelid Randomly Starts Twitching Sometimes


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Have you ever experienced the really weird phenomena when your eye will, seemingly for no reason at all, start to twitch?

Well it turns out that eye twitching or myokymia, as doctors call it, is ultimately caused by stress although a few other things can trigger it, The Sun reports.

The good news is that the spasms are pretty harmless and are caused by tiny muscles and nerves around the eye which suddenly begin twitching when under stress.


The bad news is that according to Doctor Matthew Palmer, from the Southwestern Eye Center in the U.S., the twitching is most likely triggered by overindulging on caffeine, alcohol and sugar, so if you’re being bothered by random twitches it may be time to cut back.

He explained:

Everybody loves coffee, the big soda drinks. Those things alone can cause your eyelid to twitch. Some people are even sensitive to chocolate.

If you’re bothered by the twitch , he recommends avoiding stimulants and reducing the stress in your life, although that’s easier said than done.

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Another more obvious cause can be that you need glasses and the muscles around your eyes are tired from squinting.

Not to make you paranoid, but it can also, in very rare circumstances, be a sign of more serious brain conditions including Tourette’s syndrome and Parkinson’s disease.