A Japanese Train Firm Is Going The Extra Mile For This Student

by : UNILAD on : 10 Jan 2016 15:10

In the UK you’d be pretty lucky for any train to turn up, let alone on time. But it seems in Japan (when it comes to transport anyway) that they’ve got their shit together…


For the past three years, a train has stopped at Kami-Shirataki station in the far north of Japan just twice a day to pick up one single passenger.


The service stops at a remote station every morning and evening to enable this pupil to get to school and come home again.

It may look like a pretty lonely journey, but the operator of the line – the Hokkaido Railway Co – has received a load of praise for its commitment to customers after a story about the service by CCTV went viral.

 Forget Harry Potter and platform 9¾ this station only has one passenger The Kami-Shirataki train station is located…

They posted the heart-warming images on Facebook only yesterday and they have since been shared over 17,000 times and received 44,000 likes.

The railway company had planned to shut the station down three years ago as it was very rarely used, but when they realised that a single student depended on it for her education, they decided to keep it open just for her.

The girl – who has not been named in media reports – will be able to ride the train until she graduates from high school in March, with the train company planning to close the station for good on March 26th.

Fair play to them.

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