This Kid Is On Another Planet As He Wakes From Anaesthetic

Amanda Lally/YouTube

If you ever had any doubts about being put under by anaesthetic, these videos may well make you more open to it.

This young chap, who goes by the name Brandon, has gone viral after taking one hell of a trip.

According to the just woken Brandon, he visited Dubai with his ‘hot ass wife’, bought a camel, killed people (but his lawyer is not to find out), and he employed ‘billions of strippers’.

It does seem anaesthetic removes you of your indoor voice…

But you will finally let out the hip-hop alter ego you have always yearned to become…

That hip-hop alter ego would have Warning: Explicit Content all over his albums too, it seems…

Hospital no longer looks scary, it actually looks like a gateway to an awesome alternate reality.

Cheers Brandon, with the weekend still three days away, that laugh was greatly appreciated!