This Kid Sneakily Drinking Wine On Live TV Is Real Winner Of U.S. Election


As the world watched on, some hawk-eyed observers found a glimmer of joy in the shocking culmination of the U.S election.

Introducing America’s new spirit animal: This unidentified young boy was captured by NBC Chicago‘s cameras sneaking a sip of wine during the vote count coverage.

Here’s the real OG finding freedom and democracy at the bottom of a glass.

While nobody’s looking…

The covertly captured clip is an odd reflection of the political situation unravelling around him with the young man losing his childlike innocence both voluntarily and at the hands of the voting population.

As the kid gets his first taste of cynicism in the form of bitter red wine in the foreground, a dancing grandma – perhaps in a fit of madness or a bid to forget the pain – boogies on down in the background.

Meanwhile, the young boy saw his window of opportunity and took it.


One commentator wrote ‘He’s gonna need it’, while another added, ‘Literally every American right now.’

Serves his parents right for taking him to a boring political event and serves America right for having a good go at shitting all over his future. Meanwhile, perhaps we should all take a leaf out of his book: Wine before whine, forever.

Bottoms up, America.