This Lad Just Landed The World’s First Quadruple BMX Backflip

by : UNILAD on : 15 Jul 2015 17:49

On Sunday, BMX rider Jed Milton became the first rider ever to successfully land an incredible quadruple backflip on a bike.


After nine months of training, the New Zealander pulled off the near impossible stunt by coming off a 21-foot box jump, performing four backflips and landing perfectly.

The jump was constructed on the site of a motorsports park in Maryland named Pastranaland – a Mecca for extreme sports enthusiasts across the world.

Mildon and fellow stunt rider James Foster competed to become the first person in history to complete the incredible “quad flip”.


But it was Mildon who pipped his Californian opponent to the record, pulling off the incredible feat in the face of extreme danger and threat of serious injury.

As he successfully executed the stunt, the crowd of onlookers erupted in cheers, but nobody was as elated as Milton himself.

You can understand his delight. What a phenomenal achievement!

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