This Legend Of Zelda Escape Room Is Everything Fans Ever Wanted



Most gamers have played a title from The Legend of Zelda series at some point in their life, and I’d wager that most have fantasised about exploring a real dungeon, full of classic Zelda puzzles. 

For some, that dream may be about to become a sweet reality – next year, Nintendo and Scrap are teaming up of a Legend of Zelda themed escape room experience, and it sounds fucking amazing.

Known as Defenders of the Triforce, this real escape experience will consist of multiple rooms, rather than just the one that escape rooms are usually known for.

Teams of six players will be placed in a traditional Zelda style dungeon, going from room to room and using classic items from the franchise’s history to solve puzzles and claim the Triforce from Ganondorf within a time limit.

From what we’ve heard so far, it sounds exactly like a classic Zelda dungeon, with multiple item-based puzzles to keep you on your toes – sounds like a must for any fan of the series.

Hopefully, whenever player solve a particularly troublesome puzzle, they’re treated to the classic sound effect. You know the one – I’ll leave it just below.

The escape room is set to head out on an eight-city tour, starting in San Francisco from January 31 to February 5 – sorry, non US readers, but it looks like it’s gonna be an exclusive American adventure.

For those lucky enough to be close to one of the participating cities (or if you love Zelda so much you just fancy getting on a place and heading down anyway) tickets can be picked up from now.