This Limo Gets Nailed By A 10K Tonne Freight Train



Getting nailed in a limo is pretty much living the dream. Just not, you know…. Getting nailed by a 10,000 tonne freight train.

Some teenagers were out celebrating a birthday in the limo, when it got stuck on the tracks at a railway crossing. I’d have thought it was pretty obvious that it wouldn’t get over, and it’s raise, and the limo is long, but apparently the driver fancied his chances and went for it anyway.

After getting stuck, the passengers got out of the car and stood alongside the train track.

They tried to flag down the train, and one person off camera can be heard saying “It’s not going to stop, it’s not going to stop!”. They try to warn the driver, but he can’t stop in time, and t-bones the limo while honking it’s horn.

A local photographer was on hand to film it, which is handy.

After the train eventually comes to a halt, with a limo for a new front bumper, the driver is asked “Did you see me?”, which he did, and said “Yeah but I got 10,000 tonnes behind me!”

Luckily nobody was hurt.