This Little Girl Thought Of A Genius Way To Outsmart Her Punishment


Writing lines has to be one of the most boring and long methods of punishment, but one six-year-old girl thought of a pretty decent way to end it a lot quicker…

Isabella Collier was told to write the line ‘I will make better choices’ a number of times as punishment for getting in trouble at school.

According to The Huffington Post, Isabella’s mother, Victoria, had been hoping to teach her a lesson.

But Isabella had other ideas and made the best possible choice in her situation. After writing the line out properly four times, she decided a shortcut was definitely needed and instead started drawing several vertical lines straight down the page.

Then she just continued her punishment by adding all the different symbols, shapes and extra letters to complete the sentences.


A friend of Isabella posted a picture of the sheet on Reddit and Imgur, with the caption ‘My friend’s kid if going places’, where it was viewed over 1.7 million times.

Isabella told The Huffington Post that she was very impressed with her daughter’s efforts. She said: “Efficiency is a value I admire and this was truly her way of getting it done.”

She added that her child has a ‘free spirit’ and her ‘fun personality definitely keeps things interesting’.


Don’t you just wish you thought of that back in your school days…