This Lord Of The Rings Meets Suicide Squad Mash Up Is Pure Genius


If Lord of the Rings wasn’t epic enough for you then give this amazing Suicide Squad inspired trailer a watch.

The incredible video is the work of The Unusual Suspect who seems to specialise in mashing up movie trailers, including an absolutely mind blowing supercut of 183 different movies singing Linkin Park’s, In the End.

The ‘Ring Squad’ mash up works surprisingly well, even if it does make Gimli look like a bit of a psycho. Although, honestly, until you’ve seen an Uruk-hai be decapitated to the beat of Bohemian Rhapsody then you’ve not really lived.


Seeing the Fellowship outside of the context of a high fantasy quest really makes it clear quite how glib the Lord of the Rings was, with the quips flying like elven arrows in the fast paced recut.

The only slightly disappointing thing about the trailer is that they use the tag line ‘Kick orc butt’ which isn’t accurate. The majority of the ‘orcs’ seen in the trailer are Saruman’s Uruk-Hai  which are different from orcs in several ways… You know what, I’ll just stop there.

Seriously though, this video proves you can instantly make anything ten million times more epic just by adding Freddie Mercury.

And because we think it’s cool here’s the Linkin Park mashup as a bonus!