This Luxury Student Accommodation Is Definitely Nicer Than Your Halls Of Residence


Oi, student. Whip that crusty duvet off and get up, it’s midday, and we’ve got the future of student living for you.

These new luxury student apartments have opened their doors today in Leeds, and they’re not even that expensive, considering.

The Edge development boasts huge bedrooms, a fully-stocked gym, games room, big-screen cinema, study rooms, and looks more like a boutique hotel than a traditional halls of residence.

Students pay upwards of £140 a week for the 131 luxury apartments, which range in size, but all have flat-screen TVs and kingsize beds.

The gym even has a massive picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger on the wall, complete with motivational quotes.

You can also pay for added extras.

An additional £95 will get you a full kitchen equipment pack, and £76 will get a bed set ‘hand picked by the company’s interior designer’.

You can even buy a welcome food package that includes, among other items, bread, juice and butter, for £12, if you’re feeling incredibly lazy/entitled.

So there you go. Welcome to the new world of student accommodation. Dead posh ‘n that.