This Man Went Viral After Accidentally Creating Meme With Hipster Profile Pic

Ivor Noyek/Facebook

This might put you off putting up a wanky hipster pic up on social media…

When Ivor Noyek uploaded a new profile picture to Facebook, he probably didn’t think this would happen.

The lad has gone viral after uploading a pretty pretentious pic and the internet reacted as you’d expect. Relentlessly taking the piss out with him- with dozens of memes spawning him into several different locations. Genius.

Ivor – who’s from Cork in Ireland – updated a picture of himself mid-stride along a deserted woodland road, wearing a stripy t-shirt and a pair of aviator sunglasses. Nailing the ultimate dickhead look. But, instead of his friends responding with likes and compliments like you’d hope… they made mock-ups of him in a load of films- even the Lion King.

He didn’t seem to bothered by the attention (well, he is a hipster after all), sharing posts all over his Facebook and describing it all as ‘hilarious shit’.

As they normally do on the internet, things escalated very quickly and people all over the world started creating memes and became so well known that he was interviewed on Irish television about becoming an internet sensation.

Well played everyone, well played. #ivoriscoming.