This Man’s Wife Bakes Hugely Inappropriate Cookies For Son’s Birthday

by : UNILAD on : 01 Apr 2017 18:29

Why is it every mum thinks they’re the new Mary Berry when it comes to their kid’s birthday parties?


I remember my mum tried to bake me a cake for my first birthday and essentially, it looked like something the cat had dragged in, with little pink blobs stuck all over it. Needless to say – even though I was only aged one at the time – I was definitely less than impressed. Sorry mum.

According to this husband’s social media his wife was guilty of a similarly well intentioned, but unfortunate cock up ahead of their son’s first birthday party.


JT’s wife Jen seems to have ‘outbaked’ all mums with her last batch though, whipping out a nice fresh tray of what looked like tiny little penises.


When she revealed the rack of chilling dick biscuits she’d baked it cooked up quite the Twitterstorm…

Of course, it wasn’t actually Jen’s intention to conjure up cookies which look like mini, decapitated blue todgers – she was actually hoping to create ‘1’ shapes specially for her son.

The aspiring baker spent a full eight hours, slaving away to create 189 of the blue monstrosities and even froze them a month in advance of her baby’s party in a bid to be super organised.

Clearly she didn’t think too much about how her masterpieces would look to the outside world, but her husband JT noticed something was awry as soon as he clapped eyes on them.

To gauge if it was just his mind that was dirty or whether the treats did in fact look like something much ruder, he posted a snap to Twitter for the internet to decide.

And as predicted it’s not just JT with his mind in the gutter:



Twitter may have spoken, but Jen on the other hand is still adamant they were number ‘1s’ and that’s all there is to it.

She told Buzzfeed:


I’m refusing to acknowledge it!

I still don’t see it.

The internet would disagree, Jen.

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It appears she is still extremely intent on handing out the cock cookies to all the kids at the party, but is considering getting ‘bags that you can’t see through.’

Probably for the best.

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