This May Be One Of The Cleanest Knockouts We’ve Ever Seen


We’ve seen some absolutely brutal knockouts in our time but this might be the craziest one yet!

It happened during a professional boxing bout between Izu Ugonoh and Will Quarrie over the weekend. Former world champ Ugonoh cornered Quarrie against the ropes and unleashed a furious right hook.

With nowhere to go, Quarrie ate the Ugonoh punch full force on his jaw. Seriously, this is about as picture perfect a connection as you’re likely to see. Just watch the way the poor guy’s head snaps back!

It resulted in the unfortunate Quarrie collapsing through the ropes and landing basically outside the ring, much to the shock of those sat at ringside tucking into a nice steak dinner. Don’t worry, a bit of extra blood, sweat and tears in your food never hurt anyone, lads.

Check out what surely has to be the best knockout of 2015 so far below: