This ‘McDonald’s Goddess’ Has Fans Who Flock To See Her

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There’s something addictive in McDonald’s that keeps everyone going back, again and again.

That’s even truer at this particular restaurant in Taiwan, where a local minor celebrity works – the ‘McDonald’s Goddess’.

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Wei Han Xu, known as Weiwei, has become an internet sensation after images of her started appearing online. She’s become so popular that people flock from all over to see her working.

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Weiwei already has a pretty active online presence, with a Facebook profile for her modelling and an Instagram full of selfies.

A photo posted by 徐薇涵 (@pppig) on

A photo posted by 徐薇涵 (@pppig) on

A photo posted by 徐薇涵 (@pppig) on

McDonald’s in Taiwan are already famous for getting their staff to dress up in maids’ dresses, sailor uniforms and other cosplay outfits.

There’s even a video of her:

Move over Ronald McDonald, there’s a new mascot in town.