This Might Be The Best Graham Norton ‘Red Chair Story’ Ever

red chair story FBBBC

Last night’s Graham Norton Show featured a star studded celebrity line-up on the couch, but it was the red chair story at the end of the program which completely stole the show.

Guests Chris Hemsworth, Kirsten Dunst and Jessica Chastain watched on in morbid fascination as audience member Mia sat in the hot seat to tell perhaps the greatest red chair story of all time.

Let’s just say, this one escalated really quickly.

It all started out so tame – a simple story about a house party which got slightly out of hand.

But soon there were people trapped in a utility room, guests pissing in a bucket, and a badly injured pet dog – there was ‘a lot of blood’, apparently.

Before we could find out how much crazier this tale could get, Mia herself asked Graham to pull the infamous lever before things got any more out of control.

red chair story 3

And, just like that, perhaps the best red chair story of our time was left cruelly unfinished.

Viewers absolutely loved the story but they were desperate to hear the rest of the bizarre tale.

Seriously, why couldn’t we hear the end? Just how incriminating was it?

Do you think if we petition the BBC, Graham will bring Mia back next week so we can hear the rest of the story?

Let’s make this happen, guys!