This Might Be The Most Disgusting Hotel Room Ever

by : UNILAD on : 31 Jul 2016 14:38
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Well this is enough to put you off hotels for life.


Two guys managed to expose this absolute monstrosity of a hotel room on camera, and it might just be the most disgusting ever.

Dan Bell and his friend checked into the Econo Lodge in Rockport, Texas, The Mirror reports. Unfortunately for them, they soon discovered they were not alone.

A quick check of the bed revealed it was riddled with bed bugs, and the whole room was crawling with cockroaches – including the fridge.


During the search they also uncovered some suspect stains, including what looks like blood on the bed and another which looked to be semen.

And the phone wasn’t much better, covered in black grime, as was the carpet and chair.

The icing on the dirty, irony-infused cake is an envelope the pair found, left by a cleaner called Michelle for them to leave a tip in. Don’t think that’ll be happening any time soon, Michelle.

Dan captioned the video on YouTube:

The front desk lady was really nice and moved us to a much better, clean, pest free room. (Not a perfect room but perfectly suitable for the money.)

The people who clean the rooms need to be more observant next time. That room was disgusting.

Yeah, I’ll definitely be giving this place a miss…

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