This Model’s Transformation Into Princess Jasmine From Alladin Is Incredible

by : Francesca Donovan on : 03 Nov 2016 16:34

You’ve seen the reams of artistic interpretations of Disney Princesses IRL.


But now you can watch Princess Jasmine come to life in three glorious dimensions as this Instagram model transforms herself into the fictional beauty.

Olayinka Mia Noel, as a professional model, is used to morphing into different looks depending on the photo shoot requirements.


But in her spare time, the Guyanes model prefers to become the kick-ass independent woman who stands up for her marriage rights in Disney classic, Aladdin.

The resemblance to Princess Jasmine is uncanny.

All Mia needs now is the pet tiger and flying carpet.

Mia clearly knew she’d nailed the transformation.

She wrote on Instagram:

Starting to freak myself out foreal.


Turns out the costume was in honour of our favourite holiday, Halloween, and was one half of a killer tag team costume effort from Mia and her boyfriend.

The multi-talented Mia – who runs a jewellery business, MiYANiK with her sister – doesn’t have a bad voice either.

They certainly look like they’ve got their happy ending, fit for Disney. Pretty sure infamous perfectionist Walt would approve.

I’d take these two over Katie Price and Peter Andre any day.

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