This Mother Bought Her Daughter ’12 Bags Of Cocaine’ For Her 18th Birthday

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One mother has been arrested after buying multiple bags of cocaine as a present to her daughter, who was about to turn 18.

Nicola Austen spent $461 on coke, and even managed to find time to divide the bags up into 12 different ‘wraps’ that were then scattered over her living room.

After a drugs raid, the packages were discovered by police, and despite Austen’s bold claim that she was only providing ‘for a party’, authorities took a dim view of the situation. Obviously.

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Austen claimed:

It’s all been blown out of proportion. I’ve had enough. It isn’t exactly the scoop of the century, is it? It was a party!

She managed to avoid jail time by claiming that a prison sentence would affect her son in a negative way.

Because that’s exactly the type of role model he needs.