This New ‘Breaking Bad’ Fan Theory Places Blame For Everything On Skyler


Crazy Breaking Bad fan theories are nothing new. From claims that Walter White is actually still alive, to a hypothesis that the whole series was the dream of Hal from Malcolm in the Middle, we’ve seen some bizarre takes on the show in our time.

This latest thesis, however, actually seems to have some legs and could change the way we think about the entire catalyst of Walt’s decision to cook meth in the first place.

Posting on Reddit, fan ‘426763’ theorises that the cause of Walt’s lung cancer – that is, the very thing which sets the wheels of the entire show in motion – could actually be Skyler’s smoking habit.


And, this theory doesn’t stop there, even pointing out that Walt Jr’s cerebral palsy may be the result of Skyler smoking while she was pregnant with him.

In full, the fan theory reads:

The one thing that sets everything in to motion was Walt’s cancer right? Well, what I’m theorizing goes deeper. Everything that happened in the show was caused by Skyler, or to be more specific, her smoking habit. When Walt was diagnozed, there was an off hand comment that Skyler said that it might have been the chemicals that Walt has been exposed to in his long career as a chemist. For me, that just doesnt sound right. Walt is a professional and a stickler for the rules, I’m willing to bet that he is never fully exposed to the harmful materials in lab. Walt’s lung cancer was caused by secondhand smoke from Skyler and Walt’s not the only victim. Walt Junior’s cerebral palsy might have been caused by Skyler smoking while she was pregnant with him and we see further evidence of this in an episode where she smoked while she was pregnant with Holly. So in conclusion, as much as it is a cliche already to hate on Skyler, she is the cause of all of Walt’s problems.

TL;DR Skyler gave Walt lung cancer with secondhand smoke.


It certainly puts an interesting spin on the events of the show – maybe Skyler was the “one who knocks” all along?

Although, in the end, the cause of Walt’s cancer is not as important as the decisions the illness leads the character to make, it does make us look a little bit differently at Skyler’s self-portrayal as the victim in the situation.