This New Gun Brings Down Drones With Radio-Jamming Waves


If you’re living in constant fear that your neighbour is going to catch a glimpse of your ass with their new drone-cam, then this weaponry might be right up your street.

Confusingly called the DroneDefender, this new piece of equipment can bring down any annoying drones that wander into your personal air space.

Using harmless radio waves, the DroneDefender causes the drone to think it’s gone out of range from its owner, causing it to follow one of three default commands – it’ll either hover safely in the air until connection is re-established, return to its last known point of signal, or land safely ready to be retrieved. Unfortunately, there is no option to blow the fuckers out of the air with an EMP pulse. One day maybe.

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Developed by tech company Battelle, the gun looks like a mixture between a super futuristic pulse rifle and a speed gun. Like if Mila Kunis had a baby with Kieth Chegwin.

The DroneDefender won’t be available for commercial release any time soon unfortunately, as the radio frequencies it uses are strictly regulated by the Federal Communications Commision. Still, you could always try a sizeable rock if you haven’t got any radio waves handy.