This New Idea Could Help Save Thousands In Plane Crashes

by : Mark Foster on : 16 Jan 2016 11:00

A Russian inventor has patented an innovative new piece of tech that could lead to thousands of lives being saved during aeroplane crashes.

Tatarenko Vladimir Nikolaevich put forward plans for his detachable plane cabin that would eject in case of emergency, and float down to land softly on land or sea.


Having worked on the idea for the last three years, Nikolavich claims that the cabin can be ejected at any point during take off, flight or landing. There’s even enough room to store baggage, so you can land happily with all your bags.


The idea, however, isn’t without its critics. There’s been some scepticism about the practicality of the design, what would happen if the plane crashed over mountains or a city, and what would happen to the pilots.

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