This New Photographic Memory Test Will Ruin You



In an age where viral sensations seem to come and go quicker than Jim in American Pie, it’s no surprise that this daunting and mind-numbing picture test is doing the rounds on social media. 

Apparently, the test is supposed to measure your visual recall, or as most would put it – it’s a test to check if you have a photographic memory, as reported by indy100.

The quiz was posted on the website Playbuzz, and claims that only 1 per cent of people will pass.

Do you have a photographic memory? Take the excruciating taster test below and see if you’re ready for the real struggle.


I didn’t get it either…

Apparently its a G.

If you saw the G, you might want to take the real test here.

If you failed, or passed for that matter, I’d advise you not to take it. It will probably fry your brain.