This New Weight Bench Could Change The Way You Workout


Kickstart Invention/YouTube
This thing would smash on Dragons Den having solved one of the biggest safety concerns of gym owners, gym goers, and those who workout at home with absolute simplicity.

It is a panic inducing, injury causing, and embarrassing moment in the gym when you max out a weight and can’t bench it away from your chest and back onto the rest safely.

Hopefully people are quick to help but if not this bench may well save your life.

Kickstart Invention/YouTube
What is special about this bench is that it completely removes the need for a gym buddy to spot you when you are pressing by allowing you to drop the weight safely.

Rather than having to struggle and frantically fight a losing battle, one press of a hydraulic foot lever will lower the actual bench. As it does so the weight will be picked up by a secondary rest thus releasing the ambitious victim.

Currently it is being marketed for Kickstart funding as a means of allowing people to push their bodies to the max with the knowledge of a get-out clause. But this is probably missing its true value, it is a real solution to a health and safety nightmare.

What’s more there are no real tricks to it, just gravity.

This lads dad will probably be first in line.