This One Graphic Shows What People Googled During The Paris Attacks

by : UNILAD on : 03 Dec 2015 13:48

As the true horror of the Paris attacks unfolded, people across the world looked on stunned at what had taken place.


In a fascinating Google News Lab graphic, which relies on Google Trend data, we can now see how the people in various world cities searched for the Paris attacks – a fascinating insight into how people were reacting in their immediate aftermath.

The interactive map shows that “Why Paris” and “Who attacked Paris” were among the most common questions on a worldwide scale. Other common searches include “What is pray for Paris” and “What is ISIS”.


Some of the more striking differences come when you look at what questions are unique to specific cities. In Madrid people were searching for, “How to put the France flag up on Facebook” while citizens in Tokyo wanted to know if the Paris attacks were still going on.


But it is when you look at the queries from people in Paris that you begin to see a more practical side to their concerns with many wondering “What is a state of emergency”.

Perhaps the most unique and poignant question that Parisians were asking was “What is national mourning”, a timely reminder that although the ripple effect of the attacks have been felt on an international scale – highlighted by the UK’s recent decision to launch airstrikes on terrorist targets within Syria – the very real and personal cost of November 13 will be felt in Paris far into the future.

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