This Optical Illusion With Donald Trump’s Running Mate Is Confusing Everyone

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Appears With His Vice Presidential Candidate Pick Indiana Gov. Mike PenceGetty

When Donald Trump announced Indiana governor Mike Pence as his running mate for the U.S. presidential election he probably expected a lot of media attention, but maybe not for this. 

Of course, while many will be interested in the governor’s voting record, political history and speeches, there are also those who are simply baffled by an odd ‘optical illusion’.

I use the quote marks around the the term ‘optical illusion’ because it’s not really an illusion and more people misunderstanding how mirrors work, but whatever.

The photo was tweeted from a New York restaurant and came to prominence because the family hadn’t touched their food.

People soon started freaking out though because you couldn’t see Pence’s daughter in the photo, leaving people baffled.


Actually, I’m pretty sure you can see her and that her dad’s just blocking her reflection but its not like I’m a mirror scientist so I could be wrong…