This Personal Trainer Defies Gravity With Superhuman Vertical Leaps

leap FBThe Lost Breed/Instagram

This guy definitely doesn’t skip leg day!

Meet the incredible 5’10” personal trainer whose leg strength is so insane he can jump obstacles which are more than two metres high and can leap far enough into the air to touch a 12 foot ceiling.

Anthony Lugo, from Connecticut, U.S, regularly wows the 97,500 followers on his Instagram page with his unbelievable vertical leaps, the Daily Mail reports.

The explosive athlete and trainer posts numerous videos to his account, showing his astonishing feats of strength, including clips where he has jumped over cars, leaped onto a stack of super high aerobic steps, or cleared the length of two men lying on their backs.

The whole thing is pretty incredible and Lugo offers a leg training program to his followers that he claims will help develop a vertical jump to compete with his.

Even with that extra training, we’re not entirely sure we’d ever be able to rival this guy but we’d love to give it a try!

And you thought the Undertaker’s standing leap was impressive…