This Photo Of A Dad And His Daughter Went Mega Viral Last Night


This photo of a father and daughter made its way to Imgur yesterday, and due to a few oddities it rapidly earned viral status.

At first the photo of the father and daughter appears entirely normal, but eagle eyed Redditors started pointing out some strange optical illusions.

User narcolepsyinc‘s caption read: “My wife took a picture of my daughter drawing with me. At first glance, it looks like she’s standing next to me, and I have very dainty feet.”

Since being uploaded it has already been viewed a whopping 1.7 million times and is showing no signs of stopping…


Then people noticed the little girl appeared to have an extra hand…


Quite a lot of people seemed to fixate on the little girl’s oversized bow and dress, completely missing the feet and hand.


Meanwhile Mashable questioned why her pencil was so big.

Of course there were those who got their viral trends a bit confused…


A nice family photo for narcolepsyinc has completely destroyed by the internet.

Well played…